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  • ·太平天国运动
  • ·鸦片战争The Opium War
  • ·大禹治水和中国历史上第一个王朝Yu the Great Harnesses the Flood, and the First Dynasty Is Founded
  • ·华夏之祖Ancestors of the Chinese Nation
  • ·中国境内最早的人类The Earliest Human Beings in China
  • ·中国历史的开篇——先秦The Dawn of Chinese History - the Pre-Qin Period
  • ·武王伐纣 King Wu Attacks King Zhou
  • ·春秋五霸 The Five Hegemons of the Spring and Autumn Period
  • ·战国七雄 The Seven Powers of the Warring States Period
  • ·商鞅变法 Shang Yang's Reform
  • ·灿烂的青铜文明 Brilliant Bronze Civilization
  • ·哈雷彗星和《甘石星经》 Halley's Comet and the Ganshi Classic of the Constellations
  • ·大教育家孔子 Confucius, the Great Educator
  • ·诸子百家 The "Hundred Schools of Thought" and Their Exponents
  • ·世界第一部兵书——《孙子兵法》 Sun Zi's Art of War
  • ·爱国诗人屈原 Qu Yuan, a Patriotic Poet
  • ·封建大一统时期—秦、汉 The Period of Great Feudal Unity - the Qin and Han Dynasties
  • ·中国第一位皇帝——秦始皇 Qinshihuang - The First Emperor in Chinese History
  • ·陈胜、吴广起义 The Uprising of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang
  • ·刘邦和项羽 Liu Bang and Xiang Yu
  • ·汉武帝 Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty
  • ·万里长城 The Great Wall
  • ·昭君出塞 Zhaojun Goes Beyond the Great Wall as a Bride
  • ·丝绸之路 The Silk Road
  • ·司马迁与《史记》 Sima Qian and His Records of the Historian
  • ·科学家张衡 Zhang Heng, a Pioneering Scientist
  • ·“医圣”张仲景与“外科鼻祖”华佗 Zhang Zhongjing and Hua Tuo, founders of Medical Science
  • ·三国、两晋、南北朝 The Division of China Once More and the Intermingling of Ethnic Groups
  • ·曹操 Cao Cao
  • ·诸葛亮 Zhuge Liang
  • ·赤壁之战 The Battle of the Red Cliff
  • ·淝水之战 The Battle of Feishui
  • ·王羲之 Wang Xizhi, the Saint of Calligraphy, and Gu Kaizhi, the Matchless Painter
  • ·数学家祖冲之 Zu Chongzhi, the Remarkable Mathematician
  • ·花木兰与《木兰辞》 Hua Mulan and The Ballad of Mulan
  • ·隋唐概述 The Heyday of Feudal Society ——The Sui and Tang Dynasties
  • ·隋朝大运河 The Grand Canal
  • ·贞观之治 The Benign Administration of the Zhenguan Reign Period
  • ·女皇帝武则天 Wu Zetian, China's First Female Monarch
  • ·开元盛世 The Flourishing Kaiyuan Reign Period
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