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  • ·珠算:正在被遗忘的非物质文化遗产
  • ·艺术体育篇 Artistic Work and Sport
  • ·汉族The Han ethnic group
  • ·中国的民族Chinese Ethnic Groups
  • ·中华始祖——黄帝和炎帝Earliest Ancestor of the Chinese Nation-Huangdi (Yellow Emperor) and Yandi (Red Emperor)
  • ·民族篇概述China is a unitary multi-national country
  • ·明清小说 Fiction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
  • ·元杂剧 Zaju of the Yuan Dynasty
  • ·宋词 Ci Poetry of the Song Dynasty
  • ·唐诗 Poetry of the Tang Dynasty
  • ·南北朝民歌 Folk Songs of the Northern and Southern Dynasties
  • ·汉乐府 Yuefu Songs of the Han Dynasty
  • ·楚辞 Chu Ci
  • ·《诗经》 The Book of Songs
  • ·远古神话 Myths of Remote Antiquity
  • ·文学篇概述 Literature
  • ·繁体字和简化字 Original Complex Chinese Characters and Simplified Chinese Characters
  • ·甲骨文 Jiaguwen
  • ·汉字 Chinese Characters
  • ·普通话和方言 Mandarin and Dialects
  • ·汉语 The Chinese Language
  • ·语言文字篇概述 Spoken and Written Languages
  • ·中医中药 Traditional Chinese Medical Science and Medicine
  • ·麻醉术 Narcotherapy
  • ·针灸术 Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy
  • ·算盘和珠算 Abacus and Calculation with an Abacus
  • ·日晷和铜壶滴漏 Sundial and Copper Clepsydra
  • ·黄道婆改革纺织术 Huang Daopo Innovating Textile Technique
  • ·祖冲之和圆周率 Zu Chongzhi and Pi
  • ·张衡和地动仪 Zhang Heng and the Seismograph
  • ·火药 Gunpowder
  • ·古代印刷术 Printing
  • ·古代造纸术 Papermaking
  • ·指南针 Compass
  • ·古代科技篇 Ancient Science and Technology
  • ·尊老爱幼 Respect the Aged and Care for the Young
  • ·尊师重教 Honor the Teacher and Stress Education
  • ·乐善好施 Be Glad to Give to Charities
  • ·诚实守信 Honest and Trustworthy
  • ·谦虚礼让 Modesty and Comity
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